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Turn Your School into a Wellbeing Leader in just 30 days

The only Wellbeing system your school ever needs.
Are you striving to enhance student wellbeing and face the challenge of limited resources and time? You've come to the right place.

Join the ranks of successful educators who have seen remarkable results with our wellbeing solution.
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of students say Upstrive has a positive effect on their Wellbeing
of students say Upstrive has a positive effect on their Wellbeing
of student engagement
of schools using Upstrive extend subscription

The challenge of balancing academic performance with student wellbeing is a problem recognised by schools everywhere

Half of all students face significant psychological stress and every fourth even considering the unthinkable. This raises critical questions
The Challenge of Balance
How can your school achieve the balance between academic achievement and student well-being? Many schools are grappling with the critical challenge of ensuring educational excellence while creating a nurturing environment for mental and emotional health.
Limited Resources and Skills
Are you at a crossroad, trying to ensure the wellbeing of your students with limited resources and time? This dilemma is forcing schools to look for innovative solutions that maximize impact without stretching already thin resources.

Increasing Expectations from Parents
Are you aware of the increasing importance parents place on student wellbeing when choosing a school? Schools are increasingly aware that parents prioritize their children's mental health when choosing a school.

This is exactly where Upstrive comes in…

The only wellbeing system a school ever needs.
Become a wellbeing leader in 30 days.
Find Students that need Support
Our wellbeing system allows you to respond quickly to student needs through real-time support, effectively improving wellbeing and reducing mental health risks in your school.
Get Certified Wellbeing
Our wellbeing app enables you to create a safe and nurturing environment and position your school as a certified leader in student wellbeing.

Transform your school in 30 Days
We equip you to transform your school in just 30 days, even with limited resources. Reassure parents and the school community that student wellbeing is always a top priority.

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Everything you Need to Measure and Manage Wellbeing – all in One Place and in Realtime

We know that time is precious at schools and with that in mind we have created Upstrive, so you get information and not just data and you get organized ready to go content, so you can focus on what is important to you.
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Upstrive has everything you need in one place

Real Time

Create polls, ask questions and get responses in real-time – so you can act immediately at the right place at the right time.

Full Customization

You decide what you ask, when, how often and to what audience.

Quantify Wellbeing

The system does all the work for you, so you can focus on what counts.

Evidence-based Tools

We provide you with a wide range of evidence-based tools to support you and empower your students.

Data Security

Data security is at the heart of our system, and we understand how important this element is to you, your students, and your parental community.

Deep Analytics

This is what makes Upstrive unique. We provide you with deep analytics to help you understand what your students are experiencing.

Schools love Upstrive

Recommended by leading schools

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Upstrive is all about getting you the results you want - while giving you the flexibility you need. We understand schools are different and we give you the necessary freedom to make Wellbeing work in your school as you see fit.

Try Upstrive for Free

Experience Upstrive with a complimentary 14-day trial period – explore all features at no cost.
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About Upstrive

Sven Maikranz and Linda Bonnar, alongside their dedicated expert team, are on a mission to guide teens towards resilience and wellbeing. As specialists in Positive Psychology and experienced coaches, they have crafted an approach that has already benefited over 20,000 children.

Together with their team, consisting of psychologists and experts, they continuously evolve their program to align with the latest scientific findings in youth mental health and resilience-building strategies.

How our wellbeing system will benefit your school

Empowering your students
Through our app's "Check-In System," students gain self-awareness and a safe space to seek help at the touch of a button. Students always have support when they need it.
Data-driven monitoring & targeted interventions
Our app collects wellbeing data across all students, enabling schools to monitor trends effectively. Staff interventions are positive, impactful, and backed by real-time data, optimizing the wellbeing strategies for your school.
Personalized content, based on science and powered by AI
Upstrive doesn't just collect data; it actively combats student challenges with tailored content. Upstrive provides a customised experience that directly addresses individual student needs.

Our Awards - Amazing Recognitions of Our Hard Work

Of course we love Upstrive - but it's important that independent and reputable organizations look at your product and confirm that it solves a problem and is not just practical, but delivers results. That's why we are so proud of these awards from great organizations.

Let's chart a new course together.

Focus on the wellbeing of your students today - proactively before external factors take over
Create not just a safe haven, but a lighthouse that inspires other schools
Your school can become a leader of wellbeing, not only impressing students and parents, but also setting new standards. Take the first step on this transformative journey now

Try Upstrive for Free

Experience Upstrive with a complimentary 14-day trial period – explore all features at no cost.
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